Ever since he was 16 years old , Logan Beaulieu knows what it means to rise above huge challenges.

He has come back from near death, surviving a horrific car accident in which his best friend was killed instantly . He endured 17 days in a coma with multiple broken bones . Not only does he have an understanding and compassion for others , but he has been there himself and knows what it’s like first hand to have to rebuild ones life. Logan will inspire, motivate and help you feel better about your life.

In order to reprogram himself , Logan has read many positive thinking books, listened to positive affirmation recordings and used creative visualization techniques . He continues to do so even to this day. He has studied the effects of nutrition and exercise with himself as the experimental subject.

Logan’s message of hope, perseverance and constant struggle to overcome obstacles and achieve can be a real pick-me-up for the everyday challenges we all face.

Logan is very passionate and expressive. When he speaks it is from his heart.

nait-300x224Please accept my gratitude for the presentation that you gave at our Networking Event. It was heartfelt and inspiring”. – Leanne Telford, Chair of NAIT’s Personal Fitness Trainer program.

Logan’s story is very inspiring, not just for athletes and runners, but for anyone who has ever had obstacles in their life. He blew away the common myths that vegetarian and vegans don’t perform as well as carnivores. Logan’s presentation was extremely motivating and the information he shared was helpful for anyone following a plant based diet.

Dayna McIntyre
Vegans & Vegetarians of Alberta

loganspeak001Logan gave an inspirational speech to an audience of coaching staff and trainers at the Royal Glenora Club. He was motivational, interesting, and enthusiastic. His love of ultra running shone through and he fielded many questions about this extreme sport. His sincerity to help others achieve a comeback from injury and depression by sharing his own personal journey was very moving. I highly recommend Logan as a motivational speaker to your organization.

Shawn Symington
Sport Manager
Royal Glenora Club

loganspeak002Logan was one of our featured speakers at the second annual Edmonton HOO (Hawaiian Oyster Odyssey) sponsored by the BANK Ultra Lounge and held in support of spreading awareness about brain injury and raising funds. His story about his remarkable recovery, his continued positive attitude and amazing athletic accomplishments since, make for an inspiring listening experience for anyone!

Barbara Baer Pillay
Volunteer and Fund Development Manager
NABIS (Northern Alberta Brain Injury Society)


LoganSpeakingThis man speaks with the authentic voice of a severe motor vehicle accident survivor. Through his gift as a storyteller, Logan shares his personal tragedy and the will to overcome. Logan can speak to motivate other survivors with genuine inspiration, because he has been there; through a coma, a long arduous recovery, finding his passion, making a commitment and ultimately reaching out to motivate others. Logan recently spoke to a group of survivors at the Active Living Workshop, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital and left the room buzzing with positive excitement. He has a powerful message of being active and being alive.

Dianne Bowtell
Recreation Therapist

I discovered Logan Beaulieu while looking for an motivational speaker for our annual
Peri-anesthesia Nurses group conference. We always have a lot of medical related
topics and it is nice to end the day with someone who has a positive message.  His
story is very interesting to us as nurses to see what the patient outcome is after a
traumatic medical event. So many times we look after people who make an imprint on
us and we never find out what the rest of the story is. Logan is a well-spoken, extremely
kind young man who is very passionate about running. Hearing how he triumphed over
adversity with his father as his coach was truly amazing. To become an ultra-marathon
runner after being told he may not walk again is absolutely astonishing.  His honesty
regarding brain injury is refreshing and his ability to share such a positive story is truly
We would definitely recommend Logan as a speaker for your group. I believe he could
be extremely helpful for those who have suffered any type of major trauma.

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Logan Beaulieu
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It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory. ~ W. Edwards Deming


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